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The processing of applications for environmental permits and licences is a key mandate of the National Environment and Planing Agency under the Natural Resources Conservation Authority(NRCA) Act and Town and Country Planning Authority(TCPA) Act. The Environmental Permit & Licence Applications Process outlines the approach taken from receipt of the application to the approval or rejection of the application. It also procedures for appealing a decision made by the NRCA/TCPA.

How To Make An Application For A Permit

Individuals or businesses wishing to make applications for environmental permits are required to consult the Generic Environmental Permit Checklist to determine the documents required for a completed Environmental Permit application form.

Permit Application Form


Specific Checklists

In addition to the Generic Environmental Permit Checklist, applicable checklists listed below are to be consulted for the category of permit for which an application will be made.  Applications that are not in conformance of the generic and specific checklists will not be accepted.