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Strategic Priorities


The Agency's current strategic priorities are based on three  main goals and eight strategic objectives, as outlined in the Five-Year Strategic Action Plan.


Goal 1: Effective Spatial Planning & Environmental Protection

SO1: To support the continued development of the Environment and planning policy and legislative framework.

SO2: To improve compliance with environmental and planning laws and guidelines.

SO3: To create an effective and efficient spatial planning framework that fosters orderly development and supports sustainable ecosystems management.

SO4: To improve the management of ecosystems so that their ecological values or functions are sustained or enhanced.

Goal 2: An Effective fact-based and results-oriented Organisation

SO5: To increase and diversify financial resources for NEPA.

SO6: To build sound performance management systems through strengthened strategic planning and operational processes.

Goal 3: Increased Stakeholder Support for Environmental Protection and Orderly Development

SO7: To improve customer satisfaction through improved service delivery.

SO8: To build awareness of, stakeholder participation with, and support for NEPA functions and programmes through targeted communication.

Business and Corporate Planning

In addition to the goals and strategic objectives, the strategic direction of the Agency is underpinned by the following plans: