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# Year Title Document
1 Advisory to Stakeholders- Re Wastewater and Sludge Regulations
2 Terms of Reference (TOR) for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Wastewater Treatment Plant
  1. TOR for EIA Wastewater Treatment Plant (Generic).pdf
3 Draft Environmental Impact Assessment Report For Proposed Construction Of An Over-Water Bar At Lilliput, St James (Ref No. 2018-07017-Bl00088)
  1. draft_eia_offshore_oasis_ltd_over_water_bar_january_2023.pdf
4 EIA-Hotel Development Richmond Estates
  1. EIA-Hotel-Development-Richmond-Estates.pdf
5 Environmental Impact Assessment for Proposed Bamboo Market Pulp Mill in Friendship, Westmoreland
  1. Envirnmental-Impact-Assessment-for-Proposed-Bamboo-Market-Pulp-Mill-in-Friendship-Westmoreland.pdf
6 Noranda SML173 Permit
  1. Noranda-SML-173-Permit.pdf
  2. Noranda-SML-173-Permit-1.pdf
7 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for Mining and Quarrying at the Outer Valley Section of SEPL 541 by JISCO Alpart
  1. EIA (Final Draft) for Mining and Quarrying at the Outer Valley Section of SEPL 541 by JISCO Alpart
  2. Notice of Public Meeting: EIA for Mining & Quarrying at the Outer Valley Section of SEPL 541 by JISCO Alpart
  3. Verbatim-minutes-public-meeting.pdf
8 Proposed development at Lot 3 Dairy, Discovery Bay, St. Ann
  1. Project-Brief.pdf
  2. Elevations-1.pdf
  3. Elevations-2.pdf
  4. Site-Plan.pdf
9 Environmental Impact Assessment for proposed MINING OPERATIONS in the SPECIAL MINING LEASE 173 (SML 173) AREA located in the Parishes of St. Ann and Trelawny, Jamaica by Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners II (NJBP II) VOLUME I FINAL
  1. Environmental Impact Assessment - Proposed Mining Operations in Special Mining Lease (SML 173) AREA (St. Ann, Trelawny) NORANDA
  2. Corrigenda-EIA-Report-SML-173-August-2021.pdf
  3. Responses-to-comments-received-from-the-Forestry-Department.pdf
  4. Responses-to-Comments-from-the-Public-on-the-EIA-for-SML-173_1.pdf
  5. Responses-to-additional-comments-received-from-the Public-CD&A- March.pdf
  6. Subsequent-2nd -Mandatory-Public-Meeting-Report.pdf
10 Environmental Impact Assessment for Proposed Bauxite Mining Operations in the Special Exclusive Prospecting License 524 (SEPL 524) Area
  1. Mandatory-Public-Meeting-Report-SEPL-524-CDA-July-8-2021.pdf