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World Town Planning Day

  • Planning and Development
    World Town Planning Day - November 8

    World Town Planning Day – November 8 World Town Planning Day was initiated in 1949 by the late Professor Carlos Maria della Paolera of the
    University of Buenos Aires to advance public and professional interest in planning, both locally and abroad. It is a special day to give special
    recognition to the ideals of community planning which bring professional planners and the general public together. World Town Planning Day
    presents an opportunity to look at planning from a global perspective, an event which appeals to the conscience of citizens and public authorities
    in order to draw attention to the environmental impact resulting from the development of cities and territories.

    GIS Awareness Week
    Geography Awareness Week is supported by access to materials and resources for teachers, parents,
    community activists, and all geographically minded global citizens. Geography Awareness Week is
    celebrated every third week of November.

World Town Planning Day 2023

International Theme: “Learn Globally, Apply Locally”


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What is World Town Planning Day (WTPD)?

Every year on November 8, World Town Planning Day (WTPD) is observed globally in over thirty (30) nations across four (4) continents. It's a celebration of how good planning practices makes people's lives better and helps society as a whole by establishing areas where people can live, work, and play together. It is thus a special day to recognize and promote the role of planners and planning in developing healthy, sustainable communities. This year 2023, WTPD will be celebrated internationally under the Theme: “Learn Globally, Apply Locally”.

World Town Planning Day Genesis?

In 1949, World Town Planning Day was established in Buenos Aires by Carlos María della Paolera, an Argentinean professor who had graduated from the Institut d'urbanisme in Paris.

Jamaica and World Town Planning Day

Jamaica commenced celebrating this event in the 1970’s. The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) in collaboration with other stakeholders have been commemorating World Town Planning Day in Jamaica since 2001. Prior to the formation of NEPA, WTPD was primarily observed by professional planning entities, namely, the Jamaica Institute of Planners the University of Technology and the Town Planning Department. This year 2023, WTPD will be celebrated internationally under the Theme: “Building Resilient Communities and Cities through Smart Solutions”


Local Theme: “Building Resilient Communities and Cities through Smart Solutions”

Our towns and cities have faced several planning challenges over the years, including the consequences of climate change and migration, natural disasters, poor air and water quality, water scarcity, waste management, rising energy costs, crime, and traffic jams. In addition to the challenges related to affordable housing solutions, governance, public safety, demographic transitions, economic growth, employment, pollution prevention and motoring, provision of adequate social and physical infrastructure, environmental degradation, and human health, the increased use of technology, including artificial intelligence, gives land use planners important tools to offer sustainable and resilient solutions to the aforementioned issues. Facilitating the development of more resilient, safe, inclusive, climate-proof, and sustainable cities and communities.