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  • Amenity Area

    Communal space within the boundaries of a project intended for leisure purposes which may include landscaped areas, communal lounges, swimming pools, etc.

  • Apartment Building

    A multiple dwelling comprising three (3) or more dwelling units with shared entrances and other essential facilities and services and with shared exit facilities provided for dwelling units, located above the first storey.

  • Basement

    Means a storey which has less than one-half of its height above ground level.

  • Buffer Zone

    A landscaped area, or other area separating two activities or sites, designed to prevent the intrusion of negative impact from one activity to another.

  • Building

    A structure with a roof intended for shelter.

  • Building Area

    The total area occupied by a building at ground level, excluding terraces, steps and ramps.

  • Building Line

    The prescribed distance which the façade of buildings facing the street, shall be set back from the centre line of that street.

  • Car Port

    An accessory structure of portion of a principal structure consisting of a roof and supporting members such as columns or beams, unenclosed from the ground to the roof, on at least two sides and designed or used for the storage of motor vehicles, owned and used by the occupants of the building to which it is accessory. 

  • Community Facilities

    Facilities common to the whole development, including such things as community halls, shopping, medical and dental clinics and other similar facilities.