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The amendments became effective globally… Read More

Draft Coral Reef Protection and Preservation Policy and Regulation

During 1997, coral reef protection assumed added urgency as a result of international initiatives to counter the widespread destruction and degradation of reef systems worldwide. This policy is intended to b… Read More

Draft Crocodile Action Plan

This Action Plan is being developed as a component of the Management Plan for the American Crocodile (Crocodylus acutus). The activities of this action plan are envisioned for three phases: short, med… Read More

Draft Jamaican Swallowtail Recovery Plan

This species of butterfly are among the most spectacular and are becoming increasingly economical and could be a part of a sustainable industry. This Action Plan states that these invertebrates face threats… Read More

Draft Mangrove and Coastal Wetlands Policy and Regulation

This policy will be adopted in order to promote the management of coastal wetlands so as to ensure that the many benefits they provide are sustained. The goals of the policy include:

Draft National Environmental Education Action Plan for Sustainable Development

This Plan establishes a point of reference on environmental education for sustainable development regarding where we stand; what has been done; the key actors; the major target groups; and goes further and i… Read More

Draft National Environmental Policy

In order to ensure that the principles set out Jamaica's environment are advanced, the Government has adopted a number of objectives for its environmental policy, including:

Draft National Mariculture Policy

The aim of this policy is to support and encourage the managed use of Jamaica's marine resources to raise output of marine food products for domestic consumption and for export, and to generate. Local employ… Read More

Draft National Policy for the Conservation of Sea Grasses (July 1996)

Sea grasses are marine flowering plants found growing in the shallow waters around Jamaica. There are three types of sea grasses found in coastal waters around Jamaica, namely, Thalassia testudinum… Read More