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The term ‘watershed’ is defined as the land area in which rain falls and from which water drains into a stream or river. This area covers not only the mountains and hill slopes but also includes the forests,… Read More

Towards a National System of National Parks and Protected Areas

Jamaica has an extraordinary system of flora and fauna, land and water habitats, and wild and human landscapes and as a result, Jamaica needs a system of protected areas as a key part of its national develop… Read More

Protected Animals in Captivity Policy (Exemption to the Wildlife Protection Act)

Species diversity is normally considered to be one of the primary indicators of a healthy ecosystem. In Jamaica, wild endangered animals are protected under the Wild Life Protection Act (1945). Investigation… Read More

National Toolkit for the import, export and transit of hazardous waste in Jamaica
Jamaica National Environmental Action Plan

This Paper documents the major environmental problems facing Jamaica and formulates the appropriate policy framework, institutional arrangements, legal instruments, strategies, programmes and projects to add… Read More

Jamaica Coral Reef Action Plan

This Action Plan builds on the International Coral reef Initiative (ICRI). This document focuses on Five main areas:

  • Integrated coastal zone management and related institutional policy and legal… Read More