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  • Town and Country Planning Authority (TCPA)

    Town and Country Planning Authority (TCPA) is a statutory body established pursuant to the Town & Country Planning Act. The primary responsibility of the TCPA is to provide for orderly development. Generally, this undertaken through the completion of development orders for a parish and/or a local planning area.

    Present Members

    The present members are:

    1. Mr Weldon Maddan  (Chairman)
    2. Mr Christopher Whyms-Stone (Deputy Chairman)
    3. Mr Robert Taylor
    4. Ms Theresa Lindo
    5. Mr Yaneke Watson
    6. Dr Ava Maxam
    7. Mr Robert Woodstock
    8. Ms Opal Wilson
    9. Mr Peter Knight, CD, JP (Ex Officio)


    The TCPA Act  was developed to make provision for the orderly and progressive development of land, cities, towns and other areas whether urban or rural , to preserve and improve the amenities thereof, and for other matters connected therewith.