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A section of the Barmouth Beach shoreline showing the buildup of Sargassum and marine litter

NEPA And UDC Cleaning Jamaica One Beach At A Time

Published Date: September 20, 2019

This year, the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) and the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) will partner to host clean-up activities aligned with the 2019 ICCD theme: 'Fighting for Trash Free Seas' to tackle the persistent challenge of marine litter.

Chalene Roye-Myrie, Beaches Coordinator, NEPA, explained that the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (Jamaica's Beach Control Authority) is committed to the preservation of the islands marine landscape. "We want to see more trash free seas and are aiming to exceed last year's collection of trash weighed in excess of 2,600 kg that was compiled at the Hellshire Bay Beach. She added, "we are encouraging all Jamaicans to take a stand and continue to clean up the island's coastline on ICCD and beyond - capitalizing on opportunities including the NRCA/NEPA Adopt A Beach Programme."

"ICCD provides UDC with an opportunity to protect our future by safeguarding our oceans. We look forward to partnering with this year's volunteers to put a dent in the accumulation of solid waste along the coastline at Barmouth Beach," expressed Mrs Sara Simpson- Tulloch, Director, Natural Resources Management and Environmental Planning, UDC. She noted, "we hope that, together, we can use this platform as a means to lead by example concerning the conservation of our nation's natural resources and encouraging environmental responsibility and promote public awareness."