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Update - Oil Spill in Bog Walk

Published Date: December 15, 2023

The National Environment and Planning Agency’s (NEPA) investigation into the oil spill in the Bog Walk area has identified the source of the leak as a malfunctioning boiler from the old Jamaica Beverage Plant, now owned and operated by Trade Winds Citrus Limited. That facility has the required bunding in place to contain the oil, however, the leak that occurred last weekend was from the defective boiler.  

At this point, the Agency is unable to quantify the volume of heavy fuel oil that has escaped. Nevertheless, NEPA’s intervention involved engaging the assistance of Petrojam Limited in providing booms, absorbent pads and substances to break down the oil as well as technical advice for the clean-up exercise. 

So far, a good portion of the oil has been removed from the environment while some has been contained in drains. Unfortunately, there is some amount of oil sheen visible on the water surface stretching from the boom to Bog Walk. As such, NEPA is advising resource users of the river, including fisher folk and recreational and domestic users to be mindful of oil traces and to exercise caution.

NEPA has served enforcement notice on Trade Winds Limited to clean-up and remediate the immediate environment of the oil spill and further enforcement, to include legal action against the company, will follow.


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