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Environmental Permit Renewals

Which permits are currently expired?

Under Section 7C of the Natural Resources Conservation (Permits and Licences) (Amendment) Regulations, 2015 an environmental permit granted before April 1, 2017, expired on April 1,  2022. As a consequence, you are required to take the necessary steps to have your environmental permits renewed.

How do I renew expired permits?

Applications for permit renewals should include at a minimum:

  1. Completed permit application form (Parts A, B, & C)
  2. Cover letter requesting that plans from the initial application be used for the renewal process. Be sure to include the reference number of the previously approved permit.
  3. Required permit application fee as outlined in Column 2, Part A of the Second Schedule of the NRC (Permits and Licences) (Amendment) Regulations, 2015
  4. Project brief providing details of the various aspects/components of the current operations
  5. Company documents, including certificate of incorporation and list of directors or government-issued ID for individuals

What categories of permits need to be renewed?





Petroleum/hydrocarbon storage

Hazardous material storage



Batching plants

Recreation/ Entertainment


Nature tourism


Operation of hotel

Power Generation





Solid waste treatment

Hazardous waste

Scrap metal


Is there a grace period for the submission of renewals?

Applications to renew permits for the period 2022 to 2027 must be made to the National Environment & Planning Agency (NEPA) before April 1, 2022. Also, permittees would be required to submit new applications after March 31, 2022.

Are there penalties for not renewing permits on time?

Permits that have not been renewed by March 31, 2022, would be considered expired. Therefore, the continual operation would be a breach of the Natural Resources Conservation (Permits and Licences) (Amendment) Regulations, 2015. Businesses and individuals are liable for prosecution.

Where can I get more information about the permit renewal process?

For additional information or guidance on submitting your application, please contact the Applications Secretariat Branch at or 754-7540 ext. 2102 to speak to one of our customer service representatives.