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Submitted by admin on 3 December 2019

Jamaica has an extraordinary system of flora and fauna, land and water habitats, and wild and human landscapes and as a result, Jamaica needs a system of protected areas as a key part of its national development strategy. The Paper sets out the following:

  • Goals for Jamaica's System of Protected Areas including goals such as economic development, environmental conservation, sustainable resource use, recreational and public information, public participation and local responsibility and financial sustainability;
  • Types of Protected Areas
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the various agencies and groups, including the NRCA, other national government agencies, local management entities, local government national non governmental organizations, private sector organizations and individuals with interests in the protected area system; Planning Protected Areas;
  • Planning Protected Areas;
  • Establishing Protected Areas;
  • Financial Management of Protected Areas-with special emphasis on the ability to support the management, enhancement and operational requirements of the system without continuing reliance on regular infusions of grant funds;
  • Legal Framework;
  • Management and Operations Policies specific to the protected area and taking into consideration local environmental, social and economic conditions;
  • A Two Year Implementation Programme and;
  • Other Protected Area Candidates which includes a listing of 150 areas as possible additions to the National System of Protected Areas
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