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Published Date: April 02, 2024

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Leonard Francis as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective from April 2, 2024. Succeeding the esteemed Mr. Peter Knight, who led the agency with distinction until his retirement on March 31, 2024, Mr. Francis is set to continue the legacy of excellence in environmental stewardship and planning.

A seasoned expert in the field, Mr. Francis brings over three decades of experience in environment and planning to the role. Prior to his appointment as CEO, Mr. Francis was Director for the Spatial Planning Division, showcasing his aptitude for leadership and strategic planning. His deep understanding of NEPA's mission and goals makes him uniquely qualified to steer the agency towards future successes.

Mr. Francis' academic credentials are extensive and impressive. He holds a Master's Degree in Planning from the University of Ryerson in Toronto, Canada, and an MBA in Public Sector Management from the University of the West Indies, Mona. Additionally, he has earned degrees in Environment and Planning, Economics and Management, and Law. His commitment to continuous learning is further demonstrated by his specialized training in Public Sector Senior Leadership Development, Green and Innovative Development, Project Management, and Performance Management.

The breadth of Mr. Francis’s expertise is also evident in his research contributions, encompassing areas such as Green Development Principles, Development Standards, Urban Development Policy, and Climate Change. This work underscores his commitment to sustainable development and innovative environmental solutions.

Mr. Francis also dedicates his time to nurturing future leaders in the field as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Technology in the Urban and Regional Planning Programme. His dedication to mentorship will carry into his new role at NEPA, as he announced plans to implement a mentorship and succession planning program within the Agency during his inaugural address to the staff.

As NEPA welcomes Mr. Francis into his new role, the agency also extends heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to Mr. Peter Knight for his outstanding service and leadership during his tenure as CEO.

For more information about NEPA and its initiatives, please visit:

National Environment and Planning Agency

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