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Environmental Permits issued to Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners II

Published Date: February 09, 2022

Attention: All News Editors                                      KINGSTON, Jamaica 

(9 February 2022):


The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is reporting that it has prepared and issued two environmental permits to Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners II for the very limited geographical area consisting of 1333 hectares of land in the parish of St. Ann. The permits include the GPS coordinates for the boundaries of the area released.

The two environmental permits are categorised as follows:

  • Permit No. 2018-06017-EP00196 – mining and quarrying (terrestrial, riverine and marine) of bauxite, peat, sand, mineral including aggregates, construction and industrial material metallic and no-metallic ores; and
  • Permit No. 2018-06017-EP00197 – clearing of six hectares or more of vegetation (excluding agricultural holdings currently under production).

  Permit No.2018-06017-EP00196 contains 75 conditions, and Permit No.2018-06017-EP00197 contains 50 conditions.

The conditions include mitigation measures to address impacts on biodiversity, water resources, and heritage sites and features. Air quality and socio-economic impacts are also addressed. Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners II is mandated to post an Environmental Performance Bond, establish grievance mechanisms and operate a complaints register.

The environmental permits have been circulated to ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs), namely, the Water Resources Authority, Forestry Department, Jamaica National Heritage Trust, Mines and Geology Division and the Ministry of Health and Wellness that will be integrally involved in the monitoring and enforcement of the permits. The Agency is currently preparing an inter-agency monitoring framework to guide collaboration with the MDAs.

The permits were issued to Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners II on 7 February 2022.

Members of the public may access and view the permits via the Agency’s website at:

  1. Permit No. 2018-06017-EP00196  -
  2. Permit No. 2018-06017-EP00197 -


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