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The trade in Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) which are Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) is regulated by the Trade (Montreal Protocol) (Trade in Ozone Depleting Controlled Substances) Order, 2014”. Efforts are in progress to revise same.

The importation and restriction of importation ODSs are governed by Ministerial Orders.

Controls regarding Methyl Bromide, its use and importation are being implemented under the Pesticides Act through the Pesticides Control Authority.

Prohibited CFC Based Equipment and Substances

The importation of the following CFC-based air-conditioning or refrigeration equipment is prohibited.

    1. Any air-cooling, heating or dehumidifying unit or system
    2. Refrigeration or freezer unit, equipment or system
    3. Display cabinets, bottle coolers, vending machines, dispensing units and soda fountains
    4. Any motorised equipment or conveyance including off-road vehicles
    5. Motor vehicles as defined under the Road Traffic Act
    6. Vessels as defined under the Shipping Act
    7. Refrigerated containers
    8. Aerosol cans
    1. Other Equipment Halon-based fire-fighting equipment
    1. Substances Foams and solvents, which use, contain CFCs

Reference Documents

  1. The Trade (Montreal Protocol) (trade in Ozone Depleting Controlled Substances) Order, 2014