About NEEC

What is the mandate?

The NEEC exists to guide and mobilize environmental education activities in support of sustainable development in Jamaica. The NEEC spearheaded the development of a National Environmental Education Action Plan for Sustainable Development and its implementation is the Committee’s focus.

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Who makes up the NEEC?  

The Committee, formed in 1993 by the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA) to give focus and momentum to environmental education initiatives in Jamaica, now has representation from 41 organizations. The NEEC is now an independent organization but remains a unique multi-stakeholder national partnership of organizations drawn from a range of sectors including government, non-government, education, community, private sector and labour.


The NEEC is governed by a 30 member executive and elected officers.  The current executive officers are;

  • Chair - Marolyn Lucy Gentles

  • Vice Chair - Gina Sanguinetti Phillips, ENACT/NEPA

  • Treasurer - Mrs. Sherene James-Williamson, Institute of Jamaica

  • Secretary - Maxine Hinds - Forestry Department

Since 1996, the ENACT Programme has substantially funded the NEEC, using it as a vehicle to implement its Environmental education projects, at the same time enabling the NEEC to fulfill its mandate.  ENACT is supporting projects that enhance and institutionalize the capacity of the key organisations to deliver effective formal and non-formal environmental education programmes.