Welcome to Pickney Ting the children’s website of the National Environment and Planning Agency  (N.E.P.A)

 “PICKNEY TING" is geared towards improving the environmental knowledge of children between the ages of 4 and 12 years .  It represents the combined efforts of the Public Education & Corporate Communication Branch of NEPA which has direct responsibility for educating the Jamaican public about environmental stewardship.


With this in mind, NEPA felt that there was a genuine need to involve children in environment-related activities and issues . We thought that
"PICKNEY TING " would be a good medium through which to get the attention of the youngsters, whose early knowledge of  the importance of environmental stewardship/protection is critical to the advancement of sustainable development

We need to instill in our youth that sustainable practices today, will ensure a prosperous Jamaica for them and future generations to enjoy

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